Friday, November 12, 2010

Lewis Diuguid of the Star Calls for More to Be Done for Bikes

Another bit of older news, but a nice column by Kansas City Star columnist Lewis Diuguid on the perils of riding your bike in Kansas City and the need for greater accommodations for bicyclists in our city.

This town and its drivers are not ready to share the road with anyone not wrapped in a ton of glass, plastic and steel. I took quiet Admiral Boulevard to the Paseo and then to Independence Avenue. I got off that busy and dangerous road at Benton Boulevard, taking it south past The Concourse Fountain, where pink water was shooting in the air for breast cancer awareness. St. John Avenue took me home. It was a nicer route for bicyclists.

One day, Kansas Citians will be ready to fully share the road with two-wheelers. But it may take gasoline going to $5 a gallon and more people parking their cars for the economical convenience of biking wherever they need to go.

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